Structural and Event Based Multimodal Video Data Modeling

13 years 10 months ago
Structural and Event Based Multimodal Video Data Modeling
Investments on multimedia technology enable us to store many more reflections of the real world in digital world as videos. By recording videos about real world entities, we carry a lot of information to the digital world directly. In order to store and efficiently query this information, a video database system (VDBS) is necessary. In this paper, we propose a structural, event based, multimodal (SEBM) video data model for VDBSs. SEBM video data model supports three different modalities that are visual, audial and textual modalities and we propose that we can dissolve these three modalities with a single SEBM video data model. This study is supported by the interpretation of the video data by human. In the visual domain, we extract visual events, visual objects, and spatial and temporal characteristics. In the auditory domain, we extract auditory events and auditory objects with their temporal characteristics. In textual domain, we consider visible texts. Information extracted from th...
Hakan Öztarak, Adnan Yazici
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Hakan Öztarak, Adnan Yazici
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