Summarizing personal web browsing sessions

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Summarizing personal web browsing sessions
We describe a system, implemented as a browser extension, that enables users to quickly and easily collect, view, and share personal Web content. Our system employs a novel interaction model, which allows a user to specify webpage extraction patterns by interactively selecting webpage elements and applying these patterns to automatically collect similar content. Further, we present a technique for creating visual summaries of the collected information by combining user labeling with predefined layout templates. These summaries are interactive in nature: depending on the behaviors encoded in their templates, they may respond to mouse events, in addition to providing a visual summary. Finally, the summaries can be saved or sent to others to continue the research at another place or time. Informal evaluation shows that our approach works well for popular websites, and that users can quickly learn this interaction model for collecting content from the Web. ACM Classification H5.2 [Infor...
Mira Dontcheva, Steven M. Drucker, Geraldine Wade,
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where UIST
Authors Mira Dontcheva, Steven M. Drucker, Geraldine Wade, David Salesin, Michael F. Cohen
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