An SVM-based system for predicting protein subnuclear localizations

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An SVM-based system for predicting protein subnuclear localizations
Background: The large gap between the number of protein sequences in databases and the number of functionally characterized proteins calls for the development of a fast computational tool for the prediction of subnuclear and subcellular localizations generally applicable to protein sequences. The information on localization may reveal the molecular function of novel proteins, in addition to providing insight on the biological pathways in which they function. The bulk of past work has been focused on protein subcellular localizations. Furthermore, no specific tool has been dedicated to prediction at the subnuclear level, despite its high importance. In order to design a suitable predictive system, the extraction of subtle sequence signals that can discriminate among proteins with different subnuclear localizations is the key. Results: New kernel functions used in a support vector machine (SVM) learning model are introduced for the measurement of sequence similarity. The k-peptide vecto...
Zhengdeng Lei, Yang Dai
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2005
Authors Zhengdeng Lei, Yang Dai
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