SWRLp: An XML-Based SWRL Presentation Syntax

13 years 11 months ago
SWRLp: An XML-Based SWRL Presentation Syntax
RuleML and SWRL are closely related rule markup languages that are growing in popularity particularly within the Semantic Web community. Both are based on XML and as such are more amenable to computer processing than human generation and interpretation. Even so it is possible to read and write RuleML and SWRL rules manually using a text editor. Due to certain constraints imposed within SWRL, however, reading and writing SWRL rules is significantly more difficult. This paper introduces an alternative XML-based presentation syntax, SWRLp, that lends itself more readily to the reading and writing of SWRL rules. SWRLp affords a simplification of the structural representation of rules by relying on a few basic conventions. A simple example of the improvement in readability of SWRLp rules is presented along with details about its design. XSLT transformation scripts that have been developed for translating to and from SWRLp and SWRL, RuleML, psuedoProlog and Jess are described.
Christopher J. Matheus
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Christopher J. Matheus
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