Symplectic Model Reduction of Hamiltonian Systems

7 years 10 months ago
Symplectic Model Reduction of Hamiltonian Systems
Abstract. In this paper, a symplectic model reduction technique, proper symplectic decomposition (PSD) with symplectic Galerkin projection, is proposed to save the computational cost for the simplification of large-scale Hamiltonian systems while preserving the symplectic structure. As an analogy to the classical proper orthogonal decomposition (POD)-Galerkin approach, PSD is designed to build a symplectic subspace to fit empirical data, while the symplectic Galerkin projection constructs a reduced Hamiltonian system on the symplectic subspace. For practical use, we introduce three algorithms for PSD, which are based upon the cotangent lift, complex singular value decomposition, and nonlinear programming. The proposed technique has been proven to preserve system energy and stability. Moreover, PSD can be combined with the discrete empirical interpolation method to reduce the computational cost for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems. Owing to these properties, the proposed technique is bet...
Liqian Peng, Kamran Mohseni
Added 09 Apr 2016
Updated 09 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Liqian Peng, Kamran Mohseni
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