Synchronized Data Distribution Management in Distributed Simulations

13 years 11 months ago
Synchronized Data Distribution Management in Distributed Simulations
A considerable amount of effort in the DIS community has been devoted to developing efficient, scaleable, mechanisms for distributing state updates and interaction information in distributed simulations. By contrast, this question has not received as much attention for distributed simulations using logical time (e.g., analytic simulations). It is observed that data distribution management (DDM) mechanisms used for real-time training simulations such as DIS are insufficient to meet the requirements of logical time-based simulations, and may result in errors such as messages not being delivered to federates that have subscribed for them, even if the network provides reliable delivery. An approach to achieving properly synchronized data distribution is described, and is applied to the data distribution management mechanisms based on routing spaces that has been proposed for the HLA.
Ivan Tacic, Richard Fujimoto
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where PADS
Authors Ivan Tacic, Richard Fujimoto
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