Table-Based Division by Small Integer Constants

11 years 10 months ago
Table-Based Division by Small Integer Constants
Computing cores to be implemented on FPGAs may involve divisions by small integer constants in fixed or floating point. This article presents a family of architectures addressing this need. They are derived from a simple recurrence whose body can be implemented very efficiently as a look-up table that matches the hardware resources of the target FPGA. For instance, division of a 32-bit integer by the constant 3 may be implemented by a combinatorial circuit of 48 LUT6 on a Virtex5. Other options are studied, including iterative implementations, and architectures based on embedded memory blocks. This technique also computes the remainder. An efficient implementation of the correctly rounded division of a floating-point constant by such a small integer is also presented.
Florent de Dinechin, Laurent-Stéphane Didie
Added 19 Apr 2012
Updated 19 Apr 2012
Type Journal
Year 2012
Where ARC
Authors Florent de Dinechin, Laurent-Stéphane Didier
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