Teaching programming and language concepts using LEGOs

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Teaching programming and language concepts using LEGOs
concepts more concrete. The method has two main learning outcomes: • Language Specification – The goal of the assignment is to be able to build LEGO® creations on a standard grid base plate. To build a creation brick by brick, it is necessary to specify the type of brick, its color, and its location on the base plate. The combination of colors and positions indicates a specific action. Students learn to develop and state a set of sequenced instructions, a critical skill for programming. ge to Other Abstract Concepts – This teaching method has been used to teach a variety of topics to different audiences, including freshman s, K-12 students, and K-12 teachers. In each group the use of the language provides opportunities to discuss more abstract concepts, including CPU Simulation, Writing and Testing Programs, and Extending the Programming Language. Informal assessment of these exercises has been positive. Participants enjoy working with LEGOs® as a means of exploring programming...
Cynthia S. Hood, Dennis J. Hood
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Year 2005
Authors Cynthia S. Hood, Dennis J. Hood
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