Teamwork is the heart of technology

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Teamwork is the heart of technology
IAT Services, the central Information Technology group at the University of Missouri-Columbia, operates computing sites in general access, classroom, and residence hall settings. The computing sites are supported by various methods including onsite Consultants, roaming Support Specialists, and a call-in Support Center designed specifically for supporting the sites. In the past year, various services have helped to provide better customer service and employee satisfaction. Student employee training, incentives, and evaluation programs have been very successful in improving customer support, while new methods of distributing software has been a success in administering the sites. Site Operations and Site Productions function as a team to meet the needs of our internal and external customers. Site Operations coordinates daily computing site operations as well as hiring, retention, and evaluation for approximately 150 student employees (of which 32 are senior level positions). Site Coordi...
Tammy Hohlt, Kristina A. Cunningham
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Year 2003
Authors Tammy Hohlt, Kristina A. Cunningham
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