Technology Challenges in a Data Warehouse

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Technology Challenges in a Data Warehouse
This presentation will discuss several database technology challenges that are faced when building a data warehouse. It will touch on the challenges posed by high capacity drives and the mechanisms in Teradata DBMS to address that. It will consider the features and capabilities required of a database in a mixed application environment of a warehouse and some solutions to address that. A data warehouse integrates large volumes of detailed and current data across entire organizations and enables different forms of decision making from the same data base. It provides a unified view of operational and historical data. It will often use as a foundation a detailed data model and enable different summaries or views, as appropriate to the business, to be built on top of the detailed model. The usage of a data warehouse has evolved from reporting and decision support system to mission critical decisionmaking operational systems. Data warehouses are often used for mining types of applications. ...
Ramesh Bhashyam
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Year 2004
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