A technology compatibility kit for safety critical Java

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A technology compatibility kit for safety critical Java
Safety Critical Java is a specification being built on top a subset of interfaces from the Real-Time Specification for Java. It is designed to ease development and analysis of safety critical programs that have to be certified. Though Real-Time Java was developed to add hard real-time support to Java, it permits too many freedoms that are not desirable for safety critical programs. The Safety Critical Specification for Java aims to deliver a more restricted programming model and provide a predictable structure and data flow that will ease analysis of applications written against it. Since the specification is being developed with the Java Community Process, a Technology Compatibility Kit is required so that all aspiring implementations can check for conformance to the specification. In this paper, we present the first steps towards an open source compatibility kit. We have developed it to test other implementations, including the reference implementation being developed concur...
Lei Zhao, Daniel Tang, Jan Vitek
Added 23 Jul 2010
Updated 23 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Lei Zhao, Daniel Tang, Jan Vitek
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