Temporally Anchored Relation Extraction

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Temporally Anchored Relation Extraction
Although much work on relation extraction has aimed at obtaining static facts, many of the target relations are actually fluents, as their validity is naturally anchored to a certain time period. This paper proposes a methodological approach to temporally anchored relation extraction. Our proposal performs distant supervised learning to extract a set of relations from a natural language corpus, and anchors each of them to an interval of temporal validity, aggregating evidence from documents supporting the relation. We use a rich graphbased document-level representation to generate novel features for this task. Results show that our implementation for temporal anchoring is able to achieve a 69% of the upper bound performance imposed by the relation extraction step. Compared to the state of the art, the overall system achieves the highest precision reported.
Guillermo Garrido, Anselmo Peñas, Bernardo
Added 29 Sep 2012
Updated 29 Sep 2012
Type Journal
Year 2012
Where ACL
Authors Guillermo Garrido, Anselmo Peñas, Bernardo Cabaleiro, Álvaro Rodrigo
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