Test ready UML statechart models

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Test ready UML statechart models
The dynamic behavior of systems is best described by Finite-state machines. Generation of executable tests from behavioral models such as UML Statecharts offers benefits such as systematic testing and test adequacy. We choose UML Statechart models of behavior as the basis for test generation. This paper attempts to lay a new foundation for UML Statechart based test generation by introducing Test Ready UML Statechart models that can be used by testers in the testing phases just as the conventional UML Statecharts are required during the design and development phases. In order to achieve the goal of automatic test generation based on UML Statecharts, we identify what is required over and above UML Statecharts for testers to specify so that the resulting test ready models are amenable for automatic generation of executable test scripts. The test generation problem from a Test Ready UML Statechart is solved by determining all the sentential forms derivable from an equivalent extended cont...
P. V. R. Murthy, P. C. Anitha, M. Mahesh, Rajesh S
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors P. V. R. Murthy, P. C. Anitha, M. Mahesh, Rajesh Subramanyan
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