Testing Metamodels

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Testing Metamodels
Abstract. In this paper, we deal with errors in metamodels. Metamodels define the abstract syntax of modeling languages. They play a central role in the Model-Driven Architecture. Other artifacts like models or tools are based on them and have to be changed if the metamodel is changed. Consequently, correcting errors in a metamodel can be quite expensive as dependent artifacts have to be adapted to the corrected metamodel. We argue that metamodels should be tested systematically with automated tests. We present a corresponding approach that allows automated metamodel testing based on a test specification. From a test specification, multiple test models can be derived. Each test model defines a potential instance of the metamodel under test. A positive test model defines a potential instance that should be an actual instance of the metamodel; a negative test model defines one that should not. We exemplify our approach with a metamodel for defining a company's structure. Finally, we...
Daniel A. Sadilek, Stephan Weißleder
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Daniel A. Sadilek, Stephan Weißleder
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