Theoretical Model of the Coding Error in MCWT Video Coders

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Theoretical Model of the Coding Error in MCWT Video Coders
In motion-compensated wavelet based video coders (MCWT), it is known that a precise motion estimation is necessary to minimize the wavelet coefficients energy. However, a motion vectors field of high precision is expensive in binary resources compared to the wavelet subbands. In order to reduce the quantity of bits required to represent these vectors, we proposed in a previous work [1] to quantize the motion vectors using a scalable and open-loop lossy coder, while controlling the rate-distortion trade-off. Obviously, this lossy motion coding has an impact on the decoded sequence. In this paper, we propose to evaluate this impact by establishing a theoretical distortion model of motion coding error, including also the subbands quantization noise. This model will allow to realize an optimal modelbased bit-rate allocation between wavelet coefficients and motion information. Experimental validation of the model gives interesting results.
Marie Andrée Agostini, Marc Antonini
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICIP
Authors Marie Andrée Agostini, Marc Antonini
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