Time-bounded lattice for efficient planning in dynamic environments

13 years 5 months ago
Time-bounded lattice for efficient planning in dynamic environments
For vehicles navigating initially unknown cluttered environments, current state-of-the-art planning algorithms are able to plan and re-plan dynamically-feasible paths efficiently and robustly. It is still a challenge, however, to deal well with the surroundings that are both cluttered and highly dynamic. Planning under these conditions is more difficult for two reasons. First, tracking and predicting the trajectories of moving objects (i.e., cars, humans) is very noisy. Second, the planning process is computationally more expensive because of the increased dimensionality of the state-space, with time as an additional variable. Moreover, re-planning needs to be invoked more often since the trajectories of moving obstacles need to be constantly re-estimated. In this paper, we develop a path planning algorithm that addresses these challenges. First, we choose a representation of dynamic obstacles that efficiently models their predicted trajectories and the uncertainty associated with the ...
Aleksandr Kushleyev, Maxim Likhachev
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Updated 19 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Where ICRA
Authors Aleksandr Kushleyev, Maxim Likhachev
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