Tiresias: the database oracle for how-to queries

11 years 9 months ago
Tiresias: the database oracle for how-to queries
How-To queries answer fundamental data analysis questions of the form: “How should the input change in order to achieve the desired output”. As a Reverse Data Management problem, the evaluation of how-to queries is harder than their “forward” counterpart: hypothetical, or what-if queries. In this paper, we present Tiresias, the first system that provides support for how-to queries, allowing the definition and integrated evaluation of a large set of constrained optimization problems, specifically Mixed Integer Programming problems, on top of a relational database system. Tiresias generates the problem variables, constraints and objectives by issuing standard SQL statements, allowing for its integration with any RDBMS. The contributions of this work are the following: (a) we define how-to queries using possible world semantics, and propose the specification language TiQL (for Tiresias Query Language) based on simple extensions to standard Datalog. (b) We define translation ...
Alexandra Meliou, Dan Suciu
Added 27 Sep 2012
Updated 27 Sep 2012
Type Journal
Year 2012
Authors Alexandra Meliou, Dan Suciu
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