Toward Verified Biological Models

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Toward Verified Biological Models
The last several decades have witnessed a vast accumulation of biological data and data analysis. Many of these data sets represent only a small fraction of the system's behavior, making the visualization of full system behavior difficult. A more complete understanding of a biological system is gained when different types of data (and/or conclusions drawn from the data) are integrated into a larger scale representation or model of the system. Ideally, this type of model is consistent with all available data about the system, and it is then used to generate additional hypotheses to be tested. Computer-based methods intended to formulate models that integrate various events and to test the consistency of these models with respect to the laboratory-based observations on which they are based are potentially very useful. In addition, in contrast to informal models, the consistency of such formal computer-based models with laboratory data can be tested rigorously by methods of formal ve...
Avital Sadot, Jasmin Fisher, Dan Barak, Yishai Adm
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TCBB
Authors Avital Sadot, Jasmin Fisher, Dan Barak, Yishai Admanit, Michael J. Stern, E. Jane Albert Hubbard, David Harel
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