Towards agent-oriented model-driven architecture

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Towards agent-oriented model-driven architecture
Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) supports the transformation from reusable models to executable software. Business representations, however, cannot be fully and explicitly represented in such models for direct transformation into systems. Thus, once business needs change, the language abstractions used by MDA (e.g. object constraint language/action semantics), being low level, have to be edited directly. We therefore describe an agent-oriented MDA (AMDA) that uses a set of business models under continuous maintenance by business people, reflecting the current business needs and being associated with adaptive agents that interpret the captured knowledge to behave dynamically. Three contributions of the AMDA approach are identified: (1) to Agent-oriented Software Engineering, a method of building adaptive MultiAgent Systems; (2) to MDA, a means of abstracting high-level businessoriented models to align executable systems with their requirements at runtime; (3) to distributed systems, the...
Liang Xiao 0002, Des Greer
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where EJIS
Authors Liang Xiao 0002, Des Greer
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