Towards a bio-inspired architecture for autonomic network-on-chip

13 years 29 days ago
Towards a bio-inspired architecture for autonomic network-on-chip
In the past few years, research in the domain of networkon-chip has been concentrated on application-specific approaches. These approaches are design-time parameterized approaches and, however, do not consider runtime configuration of different network-on-chip parameters, which are hard to predict in early design stage. Network-on-chip architectures must be adaptive, for example, by rerouting at runtime traffic from congested area or by dynamically changing link’s bandwidth. The objective is to efficiently use the ressources by dynamically reconfiguring the network-on-chip according to the user and/or system requirements. In this paper, a decentralized system inspired by the immune system for autonomic network-onchip is introduced. The immune system has a useful set of organizing principles, such as self-configuration, selfoptimization, and self-healing principles, that can guide the design of autonomic network-on-chip.
Mohamed Bakhouya
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Year 2010
Authors Mohamed Bakhouya
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