Towards Secure E-Elections in Turkey: Requirements and Principles

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Towards Secure E-Elections in Turkey: Requirements and Principles
E-democracy is a necessity in this era of computers and information technology. E-voting is one of the most significant parts of e-democracy, which refers to the use of computers or computerized voting equipment to cast ballots in an election. This is a study on e-voting requirements specifically pointing out its implementation in Turkey. Nowadays, the Turkish Government has begun to test an e-voting system, which has been developed by a private company for Turkish electoral needs. Since there is neither technical nor academic comprehensive documentation available regarding the system, we are not sure about that it may or may not be a satisfactory solution to Turkish electoral needs. The aim of this paper is to define an extensive set of requirements that any e-voting system, which is planned to be used instead of paper-based voting system in the countries that have representative democracy so as in Turkey, should satisfy.
Orhan Cetinkaya, Deniz Cetinkaya
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Orhan Cetinkaya, Deniz Cetinkaya
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