Transactional programming for distributed agent systems

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Transactional programming for distributed agent systems
A new multiagent programmingparadigm based on the transactional logic model' is developed. This paradigm enables us to construct a Distributed agent transactional program (DATRAP). Such a construction is carried out in two stages: first expressing a program into a production rule system , and then converting the rule applications into a set of transactions on a database of active objects represented using high-level datastructures. The formal specification ana' refinement calculus are key features in the development of a DATRAP. We also indicate how to specify granularity of parallelism and also achieve several opes of parallelism. One can associate with a DATRAP two different types of execution semantics called set-based and instancebased semantics. We also show how to prove correctness of DATRAP, achieve maximal concurrence and reduce the complexity of a distributedprogram.
V. K. Murthy
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors V. K. Murthy
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