(True) Polymorphism in SPARK2000

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(True) Polymorphism in SPARK2000
of the Reliant Telco Platform, K. Wiesneth Safety-oriented INTERBUS INTERBUS Safety-, K. Meyer-Graefe Developing a Binding Process for Automated Program Recognition and Fault Localization, A. Tubaishat 15:45 Coffee Break at the Exhibition Area 16:15 Tools Vendor Presentations I ASIS Vendor Presentations III Closing Session Session Chair: Rosen Using Java APIs with Native Ada Compilers, S. Flint, B. Dobbing Static Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Synchronous Programs, T. Ringler A Supporting Tool for Development of SelfMeasurement Ada Programs, Y. Nonaka, J. Cheng, K. Ushijima Session Chair: Landwehr ACT Europe, Aonix, CAS, DDC-I Green Hills, IPL, PeerLogic Session Chair: Schonberg ASIS-for-GNAT: A Report of Practical Experiences, S. Rybin, V. Fofanov, A. Strohmeier, A. Kuchumov Generation of Interface Description Documents Using ASIS, S. V. Hovater, W. Marksteiner, A. Butturini An Ada95 Programming Style Checker Using the GNAT ASIS Implementation, P. Closhen, H.-J. Hoffmann Sessio...
Tse-Min Lin, John A. McDermid
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Tse-Min Lin, John A. McDermid
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