Trust 2.1: advancing the trust debate

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Trust 2.1: advancing the trust debate
Trust has a considerable research tradition in the CHI community. It has been investigated in the context of e-commerce, virtual teams, online gaming, social networking ? to name a few. In this paper, we give an overview on this research. We delineate existing research along the key dimensions of objects of trust and related risks, methods and background of research, models of trust, and goals of trust research. Our aim is to provide a basis for the discussion at a special interest group (SIG), but also to give researchers and practitioners with an interest in the field an entry point to existing work. More importantly we hope that the this abstract will help in driving and structuring future trust research. Keywords Trust, Cooperation, Social Computing, e-commerce ACM Classification Keywords H5.m. Information interfaces and presentation (e.g., HCI): Miscellaneous.
Jens Riegelsberger, Asimina Vasalou
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CHI
Authors Jens Riegelsberger, Asimina Vasalou
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