Trust but verify: authorization for web services

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Trust but verify: authorization for web services
Through web service technology, distributed applications can be built in a exible manner, bringing tremendous power to applications on the web. However, this exibility poses signicant challenges to security. In particular, an end user (be it human or machine) may access a web service directly, or through a number of intermediaries, while these intermediaries may be formed on the y for a particular task. Traditional access control for distributed systems is not exible and ecient enough in such an environment. Indeed, it may be impossible for a web service to anticipate all possible access patterns, hence to dene an appropriate access control list beforehand. Novel solutions are needed. This paper introduces a trust-but-verify framework for web services authorization, and provides an implementation example. In the trust-but-verify framework, each web service maintains authorization policies. In addition, there is a global set of trust transformation rules, each of which has an ...
Christian Skalka, Xiaoyang Sean Wang
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where SWS
Authors Christian Skalka, Xiaoyang Sean Wang
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