Two Novel Concepts for systematic product line development

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Two Novel Concepts for systematic product line development
: Framelets and implementation cases are new concepts to manage the complexity of product line development. Framelets are "small product lines" that address, as self-standing units, specific problems within the product line. They make no assumptions about application execution control and are designed to be composed with each other. A product line is obtained as a combination of framelets. Framelets simplify the development and extension of product lines, and make their integration with other product lines and with other software simpler. Implementation cases are introduced as ways to continuously monitor the adequacy of an evolving product line design. They describe an aspect of the product line instantiation process by specifying how an architectural feature for an application can be implemented using the constructs offered by the product line. Implementation cases narrow the ion gap between product line and application by forcing designers to out the reification of the abs...
Alessandro Pasetti, Wolfgang Pree
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where SPLC
Authors Alessandro Pasetti, Wolfgang Pree
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