Type-2 Fuzzy Arithmetic using Alpha-planes

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Type-2 Fuzzy Arithmetic using Alpha-planes
Abstract-- This paper examines type-2 fuzzy arithmetic using interval analysis. It relies heavily on alpha-cuts and alpha-planes. Furthermore, we discuss the use of quasi type-2 fuzzy sets proposed by Mendel and Liu and define quasi type-2 fuzzy numbers. Arithmetic operations of such numbers are defined and a worked example is presented. Keywords-- Fuzzy Arithmetic, Type-2 Fuzzy Arithmetic, Type-2 Fuzzy Numbers, Quasi Type-2 Fuzzy Numbers.
Hussam Hamrawi, Simon Coupland
Added 17 Feb 2011
Updated 17 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Authors Hussam Hamrawi, Simon Coupland
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