UNED at iCLEF 2005: Automatic Highlighting of Potential Answers

14 years 22 days ago
UNED at iCLEF 2005: Automatic Highlighting of Potential Answers
In this paper, we describe UNED’s participation in the iCLEF 2005 track. We have compared two strategies for finding an answer using an interactive question answering system: i) a search system over full documents and ii) a search system over passages (document’s paragraphs). We have added an interesting feature to both system in order to facilitate reading: the possibility to enable/disable the highlighting of named entities such as proper names, temporal references and numbers likely to contain the right answer. Our Document Searcher obtained better overall accuracy (.53 vs. .45) but our subjects found browsing passages simpler and faster. However, most of them presented a similar search behavior (regarding time consumption, confidence in their answers and query refinements) using both systems. All our users considered helpful the highlighting of named entities and they all made extensive use of this possibility as a quick way of discriminating between relevant and non releva...
Víctor Peinado, Fernando López-Osten
Added 26 Jun 2010
Updated 26 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CLEF
Authors Víctor Peinado, Fernando López-Ostenero, Julio Gonzalo, Felisa Verdejo
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