User Centered Design of a Learning Object Repository

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User Centered Design of a Learning Object Repository
This work outlines the design process of a user centered learning object repository. A repository should foster the development and acquisition of both generic and specific informational competencies. The results of the first stage of the user centered design process are presented which provide a clear understanding of user and task requirements and the context of use. A user study was conducted using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. A qualitative approach was performed through the content analysis of 24 in-depth interviews achieved through a random stratified sampling method. Regarding the quantitative approach, more than 5 million student navigation sessions were processed in order to know the real information behavior accomplished in the virtual campus and more specifically all the services and resources used and the search actions carried out by users. Our aim is to achieve a thorough informational behavior analysis that involves access, treatment, integration, evaluatio...
Núria Ferran, Ana-Elena Guerrero-Rold&aacut
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Where HCI
Authors Núria Ferran, Ana-Elena Guerrero-Roldán, Enric Mor, Julià Minguillón
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