Using Grid Technologies for Web-Enabling Legacy Systems

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Using Grid Technologies for Web-Enabling Legacy Systems
The adoption of the Internet technologies favors the diffusion of Web and Grid-based applications. However, the development of new applications exploiting the modern interfaces and distribution channels have to face the problems connected with the integration of existing software systems. This aspect often requires the migration of legacy systems toward the Web technologies. In fact, they cannot be simply discarded as they are very important for the business they support and because they encapsulate a great deal of knowledge and expertise about the application domain. Many migration strategies have been proposed in the literature. Many of them are referred to decomposable and/or semi-decomposable software systems where the interface component is separated from the business logic and the data model components. In this case, the interface component can be re-implemented, while the other ones are encapsulated into a software wrapper. Unfortunately, the legacy systems are very often non-d...
Thierry Bodhuin, Maria Tortorella
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where STEP
Authors Thierry Bodhuin, Maria Tortorella
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