Verbal Polysemy in Automatic Annotation

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Verbal Polysemy in Automatic Annotation
The linguistic theory of Applicative and Cognitive Grammar analyses the language in three levels as follows: the linguistic level, the predicative level, and the semanticocognitive level. The meaning of the words is described at the semanticocognitive level. Here we give the description of the verbal semantics in order to build a lemmatized lexicon of polysemic words. On the one hand, the contextual exploration of texts is based on a linguistic context made up of muted segments of sentences without grammatical analysis. In this paper, we attempt to justify this way of processing by describing the characteristics of the arguments of the parameters of the verb. The problem: how do we read a text ? When we read a text, how do we gain access to the meaning? What are the processes which allow us to read a text and understand its meaning? In order to describe the meaning of a text, we break it up into smaller elements. Text has to be distinguished from the words of the text. The text is ava...
Maryvonne Abraham
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