Viewpoint Selection for Intervention Planning

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Viewpoint Selection for Intervention Planning
Viewpoint selection is crucial for medical intervention planning. The interactive exploration of a scene with 3d objects involves the systematic analysis of several anatomic structures. Viewpoint selection techniques enhance the display of the currently selected structure. For animations in collaborative intervention planning and surgical education, the authoring process may be significantly enhanced if `good' viewpoints for important objects as well as for the whole scene are chosen automatically. We describe a viewpoint selection technique guided by parameters like size of unoccluded surface, importance of occluding objects, preferred region and viewpoint stability. The influence of these parameters may be flexibly adjusted by weights. Parameter maps indicate the influence of the current parameter settings on the viewpoints. For selected applications, the weights may be predefined and reused for other cases. We also describe an informal user study which was accomplished to unde...
Konrad Mühler, Mathias Neugebauer, Christian
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Konrad Mühler, Mathias Neugebauer, Christian Tietjen, Bernhard Preim
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