A Virtual Laboratory for IT Security Education

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A Virtual Laboratory for IT Security Education
Abstract: Success of IT security not only depends on the evolution of technologies, but also relies on the knowledge of IT-Personnel and the level of their IT-security education. In order to deliver IT students and professionals hands-on experience of security technologies and tools by electronic means, this paper proposes the concept of a virtual laboratory and discusses its application in practical IT security education. Providing security experience in traditional ways is difficult because it needs dedicated test-bed networks and a lot of administrative efforts, which makes on-site training expensive. The virtual laboratory is an online security laboratory which is built with virtual machines. Virtual machines are software applications which simulate real machines on a host. Equipped with rich security tools and network interfaces, those virtual machines can be assigned to users as laboratory platforms. For that virtual machines are under monitoring and administration, the laborator...
Ji Hu, Dirk Cordel, Christoph Meinel
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Ji Hu, Dirk Cordel, Christoph Meinel
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