A Virtual Machine for a Process Calculus

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A Virtual Machine for a Process Calculus
Abstract. Despite extensive theoretical work on process-calculi, virtual machine specifications and implementations of actual computational models are still scarce. This paper presents a virtual machine for a strongly typed, polymorphic, concurrent, object-oriented programming language based on the TyCO process calculus. The system runs byte-code files, assembled from an intermediate assembly language representation, which is in turn generated by a compiler. Code optimizations are provided by the compiler coupled with a type-inference system. The design and implementation of the virtual machine focuses on performance, compactness, and architecture independence with a view to mobile computing. The assembly code emphasizes readability and efficient byte code generation. The byte code has a simple layout and is a compromise between size and performance. We present some performance results and compare them to other languages such as Pict, Oz, and JoCaml.
Luís M. B. Lopes, Fernando M. A. Silva, Vas
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where PPDP
Authors Luís M. B. Lopes, Fernando M. A. Silva, Vasco Thudichum Vasconcelos
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