Virtual networks: isolation, performance, and trends

12 years 6 months ago
Virtual networks: isolation, performance, and trends
Currently, there is a strong effort of the research community in rethinking the Internet architecture to cope with its current limitations and support new requirements. Many researchers conclude that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all of the user and network-provider needs and, thus, advocate for a pluralist network architecture, which allows the coexistence of different protocol stacks running at the same time over the same physical substrate. In this paper, we investigate the advantages and limitations of the virtualization technologies for creating a pluralist environment for the Future Internet. We analyze two types of virtualization techniques, which provide multiple operating systems running on the same hardware, represented by Xen, or multiple network flows on the same switch, represented by OpenFlow. First, we define the functionalities needed by a Future Internet virtual network architecture, and how Xen and OpenFlow provide them. We then analyze Xen and OpenF...
Natalia Castro Fernandes, Marcelo D. D. Moreira, I
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Updated 24 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where ADT
Authors Natalia Castro Fernandes, Marcelo D. D. Moreira, Igor M. Moraes, Lyno Henrique G. Ferraz, Rodrigo S. Couto, Hugo E. T. Carvalho, Miguel Elias M. Campista, Luís Henrique Maciel Kosmalski Costa, Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte
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