VISP: A Software Environment for Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing

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VISP: A Software Environment for Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing
In this paper, we describe a modular software that allows fast development of eye-in-hand image-based visual servoing applications (ViSP states for "Visual Servoing Platform"). Visual servoing consists in specifying a task as the regulation in the image of a set of visual features. Various issues have thus to considered in the design of such application: among these issues we find the control of camera motions and the tracking of visual features. Our environment features a wide class of control skills as well as a library of real-time tracking processes. Some applications that used this modular architecture on a six dof cartesian robot are finally presented. 1 Overview Visual servoing is a very important research area in vision-based robotics (see [4] for an extensive review). Despite all the research in this field, it seems that there are no software environment that allows fast prototyping of visual servoing tasks. The main reason is certainly that it usually requires spec...
Éric Marchand
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Type Conference
Year 1999
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Authors Éric Marchand
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