Visual Servoing on Non-Planar Objects From Active Vision

13 years 8 months ago
Visual Servoing on Non-Planar Objects From Active Vision
— This paper presents a method to achieve visual servoing tasks when the shape of the object being observed as well as the final image are unknown. Therefore, a reconstruction phase has to be performed during the camera motion. More precisely, the reconstruction phase is based on the measurement of the 2D motion in a region of interest and on the measurement of the camera velocity. Since the 2D motion depends on the shape of objects being observed, we introduce an unified motion model to cope as well with planar as with non-planar objects. This is an improvement of our previous works described in [1], [2] where only planar objects had been considered. However, since this model is only an approximation, we propose to use active vision to enlarge its domain of validity. Experimental results validate the proposed approach.
Christophe Collewet, François Chaumette
Added 03 Jun 2010
Updated 03 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICRA
Authors Christophe Collewet, François Chaumette
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