WCET-Directed Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Allocation of Data

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WCET-Directed Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Allocation of Data
Many embedded systems feature processors coupled with a small and fast scratchpad memory. To the difference with caches, allocation of data to scratchpad memory must be handled by software. The major gain is to enhance the predictability of memory accesses latencies. A compile-time dynamic allocation approach enables eviction and placement of data to the scratchpad memory at runtime. Previous dynamic scratchpad memory allocation approaches aimed to reduce average-case program execution time or the energy consumption due to memory accesses. For real-time systems, worst-case execution time is the main metric to optimize. In this paper, we propose a WCET-directed algorithm to dynamically allocate static data and stack data of a program to scratchpad memory. The granularity of placement of memory transfers (e.g. on function, basic block boundaries) is discussed from the perspective of its computation complexity and the quality of allocation.
Jean-François Deverge, Isabelle Puaut
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jean-François Deverge, Isabelle Puaut
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