Web Services Interaction Models, Part 1: Current Practice

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Web Services Interaction Models, Part 1: Current Practice
of abstractions a middleware system makes available to applications, they figure prominently in determining the breadth and variety of application integration that the middleware supports. As Web services evolve, they too will acquire standard interaction models; otherwise, their use will be limited to small-scale proprietary systems, rather than providing the standards-based "middleware for middleware" for uniting disparate islands of integration, as I outlined in my previous column.1 At this point, however, the industry and standards bodies have yet to reach consensus on Web services interaction models. In this column, I explore some of the problems associated with a popular current approach to Web services interaction models. Service-Oriented Architectures Today, most Web services middleware is designed to let you wrap existing business logic and make it accessible as a Web service. Because they typically target systems implemented in Java classes, Java beans, or Corba obj...
Steve Vinoski
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