What academic libraries need from e-publishers

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What academic libraries need from e-publishers
tions, allowing interlinking of abstracting and indexing databases with full-text sources, and providing the ability to search across multiple databases simultaneously. Publishers must also work collaboratively with libraries to address the issue of archiving in the electronic environment. The libraries role to continue to collect and preserve the history of our society is uncertain in the digital world, where most libraries are as yet unprepared and unequipped to systematically handle large volumes of electronic content. Even where they are able to do so, the contracts governing use of electronically published materials frequently forbid libraries from duplicating their content for archival purposes. For usability, e-publications need to be designed with levels of granularity that provide the ability to link directly to the article level in journals is essential. Article level linking is necessary for libraries to effectively integrate various systems via link-resolvers and course man...
Claire Dygert
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