"What is a good digital library?" - A quality model for digital libraries

13 years 5 months ago
"What is a good digital library?" - A quality model for digital libraries
In this article, we elaborate on the meaning of quality in digital libraries (DLs) by proposing a model that is deeply grounded in a formal framework for digital libraries: 5S (Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, and Societies). For each major DL concept in the framework we formally define a number of dimensions of quality and propose a set of numerical indicators for those quality dimensions. In particular, we consider key concepts of a minimal DL: catalog, collection, digital object, metadata specification, repository, and services. Regarding quality dimensions, we consider: accessibility, accuracy, completeness, composability, conformance, consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, extensibility, pertinence, preservability, relevance, reliability, reusability, significance, similarity, and timeliness. Regarding measurement, we consider characteristics like: response time (with regard to efficiency), cost of migration (with respect to preservability), and number of service fai...
Marcos André Gonçalves, Bárba
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where IPM
Authors Marcos André Gonçalves, Bárbara Lagoeiro Moreira, Edward A. Fox, Layne T. Watson
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