What is Required in Business Collaboration?

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What is Required in Business Collaboration?
Access control has been studied for sometime, and there are a number of theories and techniques for handling access control for single or centralised systems; however, unique and challenging security issues concerning collaboration in the context of service oriented computing (SOC) have arisen due to the dynamic and loosely coupled nature of the environment in which these collaborations are conducted. Individual organisations usually define their access control policies independently. When a collaboration opportunity arrives, a number of problems arise, such as: determining if the collaboration is possible given the access control policies, defining the policy for the collaboration and deciding under what conditions a service is allowed to be forwarded to other parties. Furthermore, different types of collaboration, in terms of the way collaboration is carried out, require different access control support. In this paper, we propose a model encoded in description logic to capture a...
Daisy Daiqin He, Michael Compton, Kerry Taylor, Ji
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Year 2009
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Authors Daisy Daiqin He, Michael Compton, Kerry Taylor, Jian Yang
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