Windows NT Clustering Service

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Windows NT Clustering Service
ER ABSTRACTIONS ter service uses several abstractions— including resource, resource dependencies, and resource groups—to simplify both the cluster service itself and user-visible system administration. Resource A resource is the basic unit of management within the cluster: It allows the cluster software to treat objects managed by the cluster identically, even though they may provide totally different functionality. NT implements several resource types for its clustering service: physical hardware, such as SCSI disks; logical items such as IP addresses, disk volumes, and file server shares; and resource types to allow existing applications to take advantage of the cluster service. Each resource provides an identical set of interfaces to the cluster software, allowing the resource to be monitored and managed. Resources can inform the cluster service of a failure in the function it represents. In that case the cluster services can restart the resource or any other resource that depe...
Rod Gamache, Rob Short, Mike Massa
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Type Journal
Year 1998
Authors Rod Gamache, Rob Short, Mike Massa
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