WormBase: a comprehensive resource for nematode research

12 years 11 months ago
WormBase: a comprehensive resource for nematode research
WormBase ( is a central data repository for nematode biology. Initially created as a service to the Caenorhabditis elegans research field, WormBase has evolved into a powerful research tool in its own right. In the past 2 years, we expanded WormBase to include the complete genomic sequence, gene predictions and orthology assignments from a range of related nematodes. This comparative data enrich the C. elegans data with improved gene predictions and a better understanding of gene function. In turn, they bring the wealth of experimental knowledge of C. elegans to other systems of medical and agricultural importance. Here, we describe new species and data types now available at WormBase. In addition, we detail enhancements to our curatorial pipeline and website infrastructure to accommodate new genomes and an extensive user base. DESCRIPTION Caenorhabditis elegans is a free-living soil nematode, well-established as a genetic model system due to its small size (1 ...
Todd W. Harris, Igor Antoshechkin, Tamberlyn Bieri
Added 20 May 2011
Updated 20 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where NAR
Authors Todd W. Harris, Igor Antoshechkin, Tamberlyn Bieri, Darin Blasiar, Juancarlos Chan, Wen J. Chen, Norie De La Cruz, Paul Davis, Margaret Duesbury, Ruihua Fang, Jolene Fernandes, Michael Han, Ranjana Kishore, Raymond Lee, Hans-Michael Müller, Cecilia Nakamura, Philip Ozersky, Andrei Petcherski, Arun Rangarajan, Anthony Rogers, Gary Schindelman, Erich M. Schwarz, Mary Ann Tuli, Kimberly Van Auken, Daniel Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Gary Williams, Karen Yook, Richard Durbin, Lincoln D. Stein, John Spieth, Paul W. Sternberg
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