XML: More Than an E-Publishing Language

13 years 4 months ago
XML: More Than an E-Publishing Language
XML is an SGML-based language designed for the interchange of documents with more flexible and powerful features than those provided by HTML. It can be considered as an intermediate step between HTML and SGML. On one hand, it is a fully conformant SGML application, but without most of the features of SGML that make it complex to handle or that are rarely used. On the other hand, XML is not restricted to a fixed DTD as HTML is: users can choose from the set of available DTDs the one that is best suited for their applications, or develop new ones for fully satisfying their requirements. Although XML is initially a meta-language intended for publishing on the Web, there are many other applications of XML. Some of them are being widely used, some others are under investigation and some others still need be to be conceived. In the paper, we describe some general uses of XML, such as metadata description or XML/EDI, and some experiences with XML, that include statistics handling, forms inte...
Jaime Delgado, Ramon Martí, Xavier Perramon
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Updated 01 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Jaime Delgado, Ramon Martí, Xavier Perramon
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