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» A Generative Model for Parsing Natural Language to Meaning R...
13 years 7 months ago
A Generative Model for Parsing Natural Language to Meaning Representations
In this paper, we present an algorithm for learning a generative model of natural language sentences together with their formal meaning representations with hierarchical structure...
Wei Lu, Hwee Tou Ng, Wee Sun Lee, Luke S. Zettlemo...
13 years 1 months ago
Generative Alignment and Semantic Parsing for Learning from Ambiguous Supervision
We present a probabilistic generative model for learning semantic parsers from ambiguous supervision. Our approach learns from natural language sentences paired with world states ...
Joohyun Kim, Raymond J. Mooney
11 years 8 months ago
Joint Learning of Words and Meaning Representations for Open-Text Semantic Parsing
Open-text semantic parsers are designed to interpret any statement in natural language by inferring a corresponding meaning representation (MR – a formal representation of its s...
Antoine Bordes, Xavier Glorot, Jason Weston, Yoshu...
13 years 4 months ago
Natural Language Generation with Tree Conditional Random Fields
This paper presents an effective method for generating natural language sentences from their underlying meaning representations. The method is built on top of a hybrid tree repres...
Wei Lu, Hwee Tou Ng, Wee Sun Lee
13 years 7 months ago
A Fully Statistical Approach to Natural Language Interfaces
We present a natural language interface system which is based entirely on trained statistical models. The system consists of three stages of processing: parsing, semantic interpre...
Scott Miller, David Stallard, Robert J. Bobrow, Ri...