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» An Annotation System for Enhancing Quality of Natural Langua...
13 years 4 months ago
An Annotation System for Enhancing Quality of Natural Language Processing
Natural languageprocessingNLP programsare confronted with various di culties in processing HTML and XML documents, and have the potential to produce better results if linguistic i...
Hideo Watanabe, Katashi Nagao, Michael C. McCord, ...
13 years 5 months ago
Cheap and Fast - But is it Good? Evaluating Non-Expert Annotations for Natural Language Tasks
Human linguistic annotation is crucial for many natural language processing tasks but can be expensive and time-consuming. We explore the use of Amazon's Mechanical Turk syst...
Rion Snow, Brendan O'Connor, Daniel Jurafsky, Andr...
165views more  BMCBI 2007»
13 years 4 months ago
Automatic reconstruction of a bacterial regulatory network using Natural Language Processing
Background: Manual curation of biological databases, an expensive and labor-intensive process, is essential for high quality integrated data. In this paper we report the implement...
Carlos Rodríguez Penagos, Heladia Salgado, ...
189views Education» more  LREC 2010»
13 years 2 months ago
NLGbAse: A Free Linguistic Resource for Natural Language Processing Systems
Availability of labeled language resources, such as annotated corpora and domain dependent labeled language resources is crucial for experiments in the field of Natural Language ...
Eric Charton, Juan Manuel Torres Moreno
13 years 5 months ago
Semantic Frames in Romanian Natural Language Processing Systems
Interests to realize semantic frames databases as a stable starting point in developing semantic knowledge based systems exists in countries such as Germany (the Salsa project), E...
Diana Trandabat