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» Integrating gene expression and GO classification for PCA by...
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13 years 7 months ago
Integrating gene expression and GO classification for PCA by preclustering
Background: Gene expression data can be analyzed by summarizing groups of individual gene expression profiles based on GO annotation information. The mean expression profile per g...
Jorn R. de Haan, Ester Piek, René C. van Sc...
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13 years 4 months ago
IntelliGO: a new vector-based semantic similarity measure including annotation origin
Background: The Gene Ontology (GO) is a well known controlled vocabulary describing the biological process, molecular function and cellular component aspects of gene annotation. I...
Sidahmed Benabderrahmane, Malika Smaïl-Tabbon...
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13 years 7 months ago
GeneBins: a database for classifying gene expression data, with application to plant genome arrays
Background: To interpret microarray experiments, several ontological analysis tools have been developed. However, current tools are limited to specific organisms. Results: We deve...
Nicolas Goffard, Georg Weiller
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13 years 7 months ago
Mining protein function from text using term-based support vector machines
Background: Text mining has spurred huge interest in the domain of biology. The goal of the BioCreAtIvE exercise was to evaluate the performance of current text mining systems. We...
Simon B. Rice, Goran Nenadic, Benjamin J. Stapley