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» Max-margin Classification of Data with Absent Features
168views more  JMLR 2008»
13 years 6 months ago
Max-margin Classification of Data with Absent Features
We consider the problem of learning classifiers in structured domains, where some objects have a subset of features that are inherently absent due to complex relationships between...
Gal Chechik, Geremy Heitz, Gal Elidan, Pieter Abbe...
13 years 4 months ago
Using Text Analysis to Understand the Structure and Dynamics of the World Wide Web as a Multi-Relational Graph
A representation of the World Wide Web as a directed graph, with vertices representing web pages and edges representing hypertext links, underpins the algorithms used by web search...
Harish Sethu, Alexander Yates
13 years 8 months ago
Unstructured Audio Classification for Environment Recognition
My thesis aims to contribute towards building autonomous agents that are able to understand their surrounding environment through the use of both audio and visual information. To ...
Selina Chu
155views more  BMCBI 2005»
13 years 6 months ago
Mining protein function from text using term-based support vector machines
Background: Text mining has spurred huge interest in the domain of biology. The goal of the BioCreAtIvE exercise was to evaluate the performance of current text mining systems. We...
Simon B. Rice, Goran Nenadic, Benjamin J. Stapley