Sci2Track is a gadget that displays in real-time all the traffic and statistics of your shared links on Sciweavers. The gadget consists of 6 tabs:

Tab 1: Renders the aggregate traffic of your posts on Google Map. Flags are clickable to show visit count
Tab 2: Displays name/count of visiting universities and academic institutions
Tab 3: Displays keywords typed on major search engines, i.e., Google, Yahoo, etc that led to your posts
Tab 4: Displays name/count of visiting countries
Tab 5: Displays your posts with view/vote count
Tab 6: Displays summary of all tabs such as most viewed/voted post, most visiting country/university, and much more!

The gadget of every user is embedded in his profile page. In addition, the user can embed the gadget into his homepage by inserting the HTML code beneath the gadget. See some embedded gadgets in actions:
Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3

The following example shows the gadget in action of one of our users:
Embed Sci2Track in your Homepage
If you would like to embed your Sci2Track gadget into your homepage, just Copy and Paste the HTML code beneath the gadget inside your html.
Traffic Gadget Embed Code
Sci2Track Google Chrome Extension
Sci2Track extension for Google Chrome is a handy plugin that hooks Sci2Track gadget to your Google Chrome Browser through a command button. When you click the button, Sci2track gadget appears in the form of an overlay tab. You can install the gadget from Google Extension Directory Install Sci2Track Google Chrome Extension

Sci2Track Google Chrome Extension